Friday, August 10, 2007

If you haven't joined StartXchange, you're missing out on a lot!

StartXchange Traffic Exchange

I have been marketing on the web since 2001, and I have yet to find a traffic exchange that compares to StartXchange. Although I didn't join until 2004, StartXchange has been around since 2001. Very few traffic exchanges can make this claim, and even fewer have been as successful as StartXchange has been. I like to believe this is because Tim Linden, the owner of StartXchange, is always looking for new ways to improve this site for the members.
From the advent of Team Surfing, to the addition of TE Toolbox to the StartXchange family of marketing tools, Tim has managed to give his members countless ways to improve their marketing endeavors.

StartXchange is the only traffic exchange to offer customizable personalized banners, each with the members picture on it. You can not only customize your StartXchange referral banners, but you can also build your own banners for any program you choose. The number of banners available for personal use varies depending on membership level, starting with three for free members and going up from there.

Another thing that Tim offers to all his members is the activity level system. This system levels the playing field for free and upgraded members alike, because it is based on your activity within StartXchange. You receive activity points for surfing, reading the newsletter, referrals, and even for posting on the forum. Even a free member can make it to the top ten, or even to the number 1 spot, just by surfing regularly and being active.

The surfing bonus for StartXchange is topnotch. It starts with fulfilling 5 separate criteria, which if completed, gives you an additional 12% toward your regular surfing ratio. If you have surfed a minimum of 20 sites the previous day, an additional 10% is added. Many times there are additional surfing bonuses added from the StartXchange newsletter, too. You may have seen the splash page in other exchanges telling you about a 20% surfing bonus if you click the link and start surfing. When you do, it adds 20% to your earning rate! The possibilities are endless, and you never know when Tim will decide to add a surprise surfing bonus out of the blue. Only newsletter subscribers will ever know, so be sure to subscribe as soon as you sign up.

Every month there is a team contest, well, actually three contests, one for surfing, one for referrals, and one for overall purchases. Each and every team member, no matter what their ranking or membership level, shares in all team winnings.

One last thing I think it important to mention is Tim's creation Traffic Exchange Toolbox. I love this tool! I use it almost daily, and although the free package is great, the pro upgrade will pay for itself in days! I love being able to build a splash page in minutes, and then being able to add it to my TE Toolbox rotator with a click of my mouse. I can check the effectiveness of each and every page in my TE Toolbox rotator, and I do this daily.
So, have you joined StartXchange yet? If not, here's the sign up link. You owe it to yourself and to your business to do it right now!


phillip skinner said...

Sheri .... good luck my darling you sure deserve a $100 very good testimonial to a super hands on from the gaffer StartXchange-traffic-exchange

All my best to all T-Ez everywhere
Phillip Skinner
PS: Have you clicked on-to the little Green-Book YET!!

Ruth Sharp said...

I like your review Sheri, especially since you mentioned TEtoolbox. I think it's the best tool available and Tim makes it FREE! Plus when you upgrade at StartXchange you get a free upgrade with Tetoolbox! That's a $20 value. Talk about member benefits!