Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earn money just by posting to your blog

Blog marketing has become increasingly popular recently, for various reasons. Many use their blogs to promote various products, some promote affiliate websites, and still others use their blogs to monetize with pay-per-click advertising. These methods work well for some, and extraordinarily well for others. I have often done the same, with varying levels of success as I learn more about how to properly design and compose my posts.

One such way to make a blog a profitable website is to write posts or reviews for others. There are as many ways to do this as there are products on the web. The money made can be paid directly from the Internet company being reviewed, or by a separate website that contracts for them.

I recently signed up for a website called PayPerPost at the suggestion of one of my acquaintances at another website. Since I blog at least semi-regularly, and I consider myself to be creative and verbally astute, I decided to give it a try. I have written reviews of other websites and I'm not averse to stating my opinion, so this opportunity seemed to be right up my alley.

PayPerPost is a very nicely designed site. They pay bloggers like you and I to post articles to their blogs, and from what I understand, they will pay well for most of the articles written for them. They also have a very active community, and I anticipate making many new friends there.

Especially since blog marketing has become so popular in recent months, I expect to make a little pocket money. I know I won't get rich and famous or anything like that, but a girl can always dream. I know that with a little diligence and imagination, I can make some decent pocket change, at least enough to pay some of the overhead for my Internet marketing endeavors, such as advertising and web hosting. This in itself is incentive enough for me to post to my blog more regularly, so expect to read more from me in the coming weeks. I'll keep everyone apprised of my progress now and then, so that you can make your own decision whether to come on board and get paid for writing articles for your blog.

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