Friday, May 25, 2007

Where is your mindset taking you?

Today I got a message in my email that made me stop and think about my mindset and how it affects my ability to market effectively. It brought up some questions I thought I should share with you, my readers, and made me sit back and take stock of my own inner workings in the process.
Read the following excerpt from Nathan Neal:

"It's Nathan Neal again and I have somethin' to say...shocked right.
this last weekend I attended the Commencement ceremonies of a well known
University and I just haveone thing to say to this University, "Corporate
America thanks you."
Seriously, I don't think I heard one thing from any
ofthe speakers that would lead me to believe that they've been teaching these
kids to be anything other than cooperative and well mannered employees.
there's nothing wrong with that if you're really clear that's what you really
When I heard one of the students get up and say "the harder I work the
more I live", I sat there in shock. I think the exact expression in my head was
"What the @*$!*".
I prefer the motto, "The less I do the more I make!"
I can't really say what she meant by that but given the context of her speech
around her future J-O-B one can be left to assume.
Speaking from seeing first
hand the "Work Harder" "Churn and Burn" Corporate world, I can say that Work
Harder = Live Less.
Sure the money can be great but what good is it if you
don'thave the time to enjoy it. At one point in my life I was putting in 80 - 90
hour weeks, I worked harder and I wasn't living at all. Too be honest it was
actually the lowest point of my life.
I was about the closest thing to a
zombie a person could be. But the worst part was how it was affecting my
That's around the same time that I realized that there has to be a
better way so that I can wake up today and enjoy my life.
Some people really
get a kick out of sitting in executive boardrooms doing job justification,
sitting in front computer monitors with a cramping neck and back.
Are we
really suppose to live this way. Are you kidding me?
There are also people
that enjoy getting their heads beat in,doesn't mean they should do
it...eventually they'll take one hit too many and they'll never be the same.
Just ask some of the Old School boxers.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all about
hard work but not at the cost of my soul. I remember graduating from college and
being excited to get in with an organization and climbing the ladder.
Well I
have a new challenge for you: create your own ladder, or better yet an elevator.
Hard work has its place but wouldn't you rather do it for your own business
rather than someone else's?
To ridin' the elevator,Nathan Neal
Hwy 290 West, Ste. 502, #191, Austin, TX 78735, USA"

As you can see, this is certainly food for thought. You really have to ask yourself, where do I stand? Am I stuck in J-O-B mode, or am I ready to step up to the next level, and look at things as as profit making entrepreneur? It is important to ask yourself these questions occasionally. It helps you to stay on track, and helps to define where you are now, where you are goiong, adn where you want to be when you get there. So, where are you? What direction do you want to take? It's your future. Do something with it!

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