Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spyware commonly found in AdBright Ads

I received this in my inbox today, and I felt it was important
enough to pass along. Since posting here is easier than it would be
to CC everybody in my address book, I have reprinted it here:

Hello badpenny
While surfing today, I got the Spyware "Drive Cleaner"
from an Ad-Brite ad carried on the front page of a fellow
TrEx traffic exchange webmaster. Ad-Brite ads are blocked
by 90% of spyware filters because they are known to be a
major purveyor of Spyware. If you have gotten the "Error
Safe " or "Drive Cleaner" it is most likley coming from
Ad-Brite ads. I have tried to correct the problem and have
the people using this Junk Ad-Service remove the spyware
carrying ads but they refuse. I therefore to protect my
members, will be banning all sites that carry the junk
spyware Ad-Brite ads. If you have this Bogus ad companies
ads on your pages in any NWT sites, please remove them as
I have not decided yet whether I am removing the sites or
the users who insist this ad company is legit.

Ad-Brite is one of the largest purveyors of spyware on the
internet today.
NWT Traffic Admin

Please refer all your friends to today's post. It is important for people to have this information.

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