Friday, April 6, 2007

This was just plain weird...

Yesterday something weird happened. A Fed-Ex guy came to my house and delivered an envelope. Before you say, "Sheri, that's not so weird" listen to the rest of the story.

I signed for the envelope because I am waiting for some study materials for college. But when I opened the envelope, there were 9 Counterfiet $500 Visa Traveler's Checks! Well, I didn't know for sure they were counterfeit when I opened the envelope, but I suspected they were. After all, who's going to send ME $4500, right? Anyway, since I was suspicious, I called the police, and they sent the FBI to my house to pick up the whole package, and I was right - they were counterfeit. The FBI agents informed me that if I had been a greedy person, and tried to cash them, that I would have been arrested for passing counterfeit money, because a traveler's check is the same as cash.

I suppose you are wondering why I am telling you all of this. I don't want anybody to fall victim to whatever scam someone attempted to pull on me. Funny thing about this package... The FBI agents told me I should have gotten a letter with instructions on what to do with those traveler's checks, but the person who sent them must have forgotten to enclose it, because there wasn't one. They said this is a scam to get my personal financial information, and that I could have been a victim of ID theft.

Anyway, you've got to admit that this is kind of freaky, because now I wonder how and where these people got my name and address. It's a little scary, too. I mean, some weirdo that sends counterfeit traveler's checks knows where I live!!!

What would you do if this happened to you?

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