Saturday, March 10, 2007

Making Your Traffic Exchange Campaign Work

Do you want me to take a good look at your offer when I see it on my favorite traffic exchange? Do you want me to respond and get more information?

I want to see what you have to offer, but I don't want to wait forever for your page to load, and no matter what you've heard, your sound bite isn't going to make me wait longer, either. I'm trying to earn credits for my campaign, and I'm only going to give you some of my precious time if I can see your page quickly, so that I can make an informed decision and move on.

There are a few things you can do to make sure I stay and read your information, rather than clicking through to the next site in rotation.

1 Your page has to load fast, or I lose patience, and when the timer runs out, I'm going to click. Limit your graphics to just a logo and a small picture for illustration.

2 Use a splash page for your traffic exchanges. These load much faster, and put less of a load on my connection. I'm less likely to move on the the next site if your information is right in front of me.

3 Take the time to type the information I need to rouse my curiosity, and give me a link or button to click that will open your site in a new page. This will enable me to look over your offer while continuing my surf session.

5 Go ahead and offer me information in my email. Use a simple subscription page attached to an autoresponder, or better still, to your email so that you can give me a personal response.

4 Save the sound effects for your main page. If you are promoting an affiliate page with sound, take the time to build a gateway or splash page, so that I will want to click through to your main page.

5 Take the time to proofread your copy. Nothing will turn me off of your offer faster than several misspelled words or grammatical errors.

6 Avoid using a lot of Flash. I know it's pretty, and I know a lot of us use it, but if I have dial-up your page is not going to load in less than 30 second for me, so I will probably never see it.

I know these tips seem pretty basic, but you will notice a better response to your traffic exchange campaigns, which will greatly increase your success with your business.

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