Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do you belong to any GPT programs?

If you belong to any GPT, or get paid to, programs, there are some things you should know. Several people join these things, and innocently sign up for so-called free sites to receive cash or gifts. Some of these sites will have a free trial, or a $1 trial, and those are the ones you have to be careful about. Now, I'm not talking about well known sites, like or Blockbuster and NetFlix. Those well-established companies are reputable, and want to stay that way, so they will go out of their way to insure your security. The sites I am referring to are those that offer you a free gas card, or gift card to sign up for their free 30 day trial. They go by different names on different sites, but basically they will be a travel discount program or a shopping discount program, offering a membership that allows you to save money with their membership card at local retailers, or restaurants, or whatever other type of service they purport to discount for you.
Recently, I learned the hard way about these "free" trial sites. Since they get your credit card information from up front from you, they have that information on file. All of these memberships must be canceled by phone, and even then, what happened to me the other day can happen to you. I got my monthly statement, and there was a charge for something I know I did not order, so I called my bank and asked what it was for. They gave me a name of a company and a phone number, and sure enough, it was for a free trial I had signed up for late last year. Now I had called and canceled this membership in January, but I got billed in February just the same. After three days of phone calls, I decided to Google this company, and found that the BBB has over 100 complaints for this company just since the first of the year! The name of this company is Trilegiant, and it owns several membership sites that we sign up for every day for our different GPT sites. Eventually, I talked to a supervisor and got the membership canceled, and was issued a refund.
Since I experienced this, I have canceled all my GPT memberships, and I will never sign up for a company I know nothing about again. I have since learned through my own research that I was one of the lucky ones. I got my money back, but many others are still waiting for a refund that may never come. Please, don't be one of the victims of this ongoing scam. If you choose to earn a little money from a GPT site, that's fine, but know who you are signing up for before you give any personal or financial information. Take the time to Google the website before you sign up. It may be the wisest thing you ever do.

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